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From Driving Lorries to Writing Books

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Ever since a teacher once told me I had a good story in me during a lesson at school, writing novels has always been a dream of mine, although it has taken me a while to get here!

Having been born in Cornwall surrounded by the idyllic Cornish coastline, I then moved away to Derbyshire where I grew up.

After coming out of education I had a long and successful career as a lorry driver, travelling the length of the UK, Europe and the rest of the world. My travels also led to me spending a couple of years in New Zealand, as well as travelling to New York and Bermuda to spend time with my family.

Eventually I was drawn back to the south coast, with Plymouth now being my base. My time in Cornwall, Derbyshire and Plymouth, as well as my experiences driving across the globe has given me lots of inspiration and time to think about the book I dreamt of writing.

Retirement soon came and left me with a lot of time on my hands, so what better thing to do than write the book that has been in my plans since I was a schoolboy.

After six months of writing and a lot of hard work, Differences was complete and published in September 2020. It has been great to realise a long-standing ambition, after having the story in my mind for years, even to the point that I knew how it would end, but it was nice to establish what happened in the middle.

Since publishing Differences I have been fortunate enough to be interviewed on BBC Radio Cornwall as well as being featured on Looe Radio, choosing five records to be played on their 'Looe Island Discs' feature. Both very enjoyable but equally nerve-wracking experiences!

I kept the story deliberately pacey, so readers aren’t swamped with too much detail and allow for you to use your own imaginations to suit your interpretation of the story.

I hope you all read and enjoy my tale.
You can read more about Differences here. Please feel free to get in touch with me using the details on my contact page, I would love to hear your thoughts!


A Good Read

A gripping story of love, envy and vengeance which keeps you turning the pages and provides many surprises and twists.


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